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The Oasis | Grape Thinking

The Oasis

Welcome to Mendoza, Argentina, the birthplace of our first elixir. The perfect place to showcase our way of thinking in a harmonized environment between man and nature.

It’s a real oasis!

Only receiving 20 cm of rainfall a year, this environment would be a desert without the influence of man. We have built dynamic watering systems fed by the Tunuyan and Mendoza rivers, which give the vines the perfect amount of water that they need.

Highest vineyards in the world

Mendoza on average has the highest altitude vineyards in the world (between 1000-1400m above sea level). This high altitude exposes the fruit to higher levels of UV radiation, which results in the grapes producing more polyphenols (see Health section) to act as protection for the grapes.

Massive change in temperature from day to night

The change in temperature from day to night, also know as the thermal amplitude, can be as high as 40 degrees F in Mendoza. This is an insane temperature difference, characteristic of most deserts. This again causes the grapes to produce higher levels of polyphenols in the skins to act as  protection.

We can experiment!

All of these factors contribute to our environment being a natural sustainable laboratory, in which we can experiment with organics and biodynamics very easily. There are very little pest and disease problems due the intense dynamics of the environment, thus making organic agriculture rather easy to facilitate!