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Organics | Grape Thinking


Organic Agriculture

To be organic, we have to be certified, which can only be achieved after 3 years without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or any type of synthetic chemicals. It takes this long to rid them from the soil and plant system completely, assuring us that there are no traces of chemicals in our fruit. This not only keeps chemicals out of our fruit, but it allows microbial life in the soil to flourish and healthy mycorrizhal fungi to be rejuvenated in the root system, which absorbs more nutrients and leads to richer, purer fruit.

Organic Wine Making

Only indigenous yeast are used for fermenting. This means the yeast that grow naturally on the grapes. No processed yeast! This allows the grapes to ferment naturally, which creates a much smoother, purer tasting product. We put no additives and take amazing care of our product throughout fermentation. We allow prolonged natural maceration and fermentation to best extract the quality tannins and polyphenols from the skins. Also, we only add as little as 70ppm of sulfites to act as a preservative compared to normal levels of 400-500ppm. Our goal is to ultimately not use any sulfites.

USDA Certification

Wine is a very unique product regarding organic certification. While all other agricultural products receive the USDA mark on the basis of no synthetic chemicals used in the agricultural process, wine must have this characteristic as well as no added sulfites to be certified pure Organic. This is a very controversial subject as sulfites have nothing to do with the grape growing, but with the preservation of the wine. Many wines that have no added sulfites will spoil very easily. Thus, the USDA allows you to say Made with Organic Grapes, as long as the grapes are obviously organic and sulfite levels are less than 100ppm, but they don’t allow for the USDA seal in these cases.