Sniffing out the Subway

Earthy, meaty, opulent, forthcoming aromas, cigar-box and compost, though these may sound to be the bouquet of a rather interesting red blend, in fact they’re just a component of how I would describe just a handful of the more subtle aromas on the Subway this last week. Usually I try my best not to smell too much, but of late, things have been running behind schedule with the power-cuts, and thanks to good old Con Edison I can’t help but bask in the dizzying conglomerated aroma of ’s greater metropolitan populace. And of course, being into wine, one sometimes can’t help but try separate individual smells from the great overpowering whole: which can be a little unfortunate when you’re sitting next to a construction worker and an ER nurse with an off-duty bus-driver standing in front of you.

Anyhow, back to the opulent and meaty subway. What normally would be a slick, swish and efficient 20 minute journey in an air-conditioned vessel has of late become an hour’s journey on a hot, sweaty, humid and increasingly aggravated steel tube of tension that is the E train. People have been cursing and muttering, other people vent aggravation by surreptitiously elbowing their neighbour and the whole commuter experience is rapidly deteriorating into bellum omnium contra omnes.

What does this have to do with wine you may wonder? Wine is generally bought only on an impression or reputation basis, that is to say that a wine won’t be sold to a restaurant or store unless someone in charge has tasted it or heard of it. The result is that tens of thousands of people around the country wake up every day and go to work tasting people on wine. It’s a full time job drinking wine and, if you’re lucky, it’s just 9-5, but for many people there are dinners to host in the evenings so the job may end up being 9-11:30! Next time you wake up to go to work, just know that there are people out there who work full time just drinking wine and going to dinner.

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