Shopping Lists Made Easy

I was trying to find a way to keep tracking of a shopping list for all of my grocery shopping, and stumbled upon this facebook page..   My girlfriend and I have been eating a lot of healthy foods, and I’ve found the need to have a list so I can remember things like “Organic Brown Rice Miso Paste” and “organic nutritional yeast”… which by the way taste much better than they sound!

I ended up using a couple of different services to try to manage our grocery grocery shopping lists, especially since prices are really varied and we have to shop at Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, and Trader Joes, depending upon which items we want to get…  FYI Trader Joes has the best prices on Raw Organic Crunchy Almond Butter ($5 vs. everyone elses $11).   I wasn’t happy with the functionality in many of the services, but found that List2Shop was a pretty good service, as they allow you to organize your shopping lists by the store that you want to shop.

You can easily create a shopping list and print without signing up, but if you create an account, you can save your lists, and if you have an iPhone, login to your account and view the list while you are in the store.  What type of shopping list services do you use, and why do you think it would be better than List2Shop?

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