Saxenburg Private Collection Pinotage, 2003

ourwine_pc_pinotage_03.jpgThe 2003 Saxenburg Private Collection Pinotage is a testament to the ability of the varietal when made by an experienced maker to appeal to the US palate. Unfortunately badly made gave most a bad name, and this was done by KWV who sent bucket loads of bad to the US after ’94, and the varietal has struggled ever since because many enthusiasts are at loathe to try it. Saxenburg’s offering is devoid of the negative profiles such as acetone, nail polish or bananas – and instead its just shy of being called a fruit bomb with distinct plums on the nose, coupled with vanilla pods and prunes with a wisp of smoked venison. Soft round tannins and a modest 13.5% alcohol make for an elegant finish, making this a that does not leave the consumer wanting.


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