savory.pngI’m a sucker for multimedia. In fact, I haven’t switched my television on in months and ordinarily get my dose of audio-visual online. Video content is one of my favourite things about blogging, and a site that really packs it in is Savory, with Savory San Francisco, Savory New York and Savory Chicago being the first of their installments and many more to come. Food journalism has never been so uninhibited. Unique video content allows shots of food, a taste of ambience and samples of the Chef’s opinions, and with this type of site becoming the industry norm, we can look forward to a lot more local restaurants who significantly raise their standards to match up. It’s a win/ win situation for food journalists and restaurants all round, but if only there were a way to bring food and wine more comprehensively together, as certain chefs are undoubtedly inspired by certain wines whilst wines are often made to compliment the flavours produced by local chefs. And as far as the writers go, they partake in both. Grapethinking aims to be the

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