Remy Pannier 2005 Sauvignon Blanc

pouilly-fume.jpgLet’s leave the citrus, passion-fruit and high acidity antipodes and head back to the alma marta, the good old Loire Valley. So in case you’re working a little late and haven’t gone to the store to get salmon, oysters and like my good sense has instructed – then I’m giving you one last chance to add a to your list before getting home and playing a good host to your friends.

As I say, heading to France I present the Remy Pannier 2006 Sauvignon Blanc, which packs modest fruit aromas of fresh pear, perhaps even a slight flintyness. On the palate one is braced by a rigid minerality alongside what I can only describe as snap-peas. This is the perfect wine to finish you Sauvignon Blanc flight with as it will recenter your palate, and provide perspective on the range of possibility in this god given grape varietal.

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