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Barack Obama is More Popular Than Beer or Wine

Obama: More Popular than Beer and Wine

In a of shameless tactics, I could have entitled this post “Porn Comes over Above Everything” – but instead I’ll resist the popularising statement and rather, would like to demonstrate a trend over the past 12 months.

There is no better way to gauge public interest online than to look at the web and information provided by Google Insight, Google Trends and Google ; there are obviously more advanced tools such as Hitwise and Comscore – but for directional information something like Google Insight is good enough: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#

‘Porn’ is just in because of the old Avenue Q song ‘the internet is for porn‘ – and it’s an authoritative bench-marks for public interest considering the recent court case where a high-court used Google as a measure of common values and interests. The interesting trend we see is that online there is demonstrably more interest in than in beer over the last 12 months. As a bench-mark of public interest – oddly enough at the time of the Iowa caucuses both and Porn see a simultaneous spike in interest, which is the first time that becomes more popular as a search query than both beer and combined. Disturbingly, porn becomes increasingly more popular throughout 2008 – and encouragingly Obama’s popularity online remains ahead of both beer and ; whilst McCain’s only ‘More Popular than Beer and Combined’ moment is only for a brief time at the end of January and then for a little tiny bit in August.

So it stands to reasons then that outside of a presidential year, politics takes a back seat and all people are interested in is porn, beer and wine… you animals!

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