No Longer a Tragedy

greek-tragedy.jpgThe Greek Tragedy is well known to us all in historical terms, and in recent years, many wine reviewerws rather sardonically dubbed their wine industry ‘The Greek Tragedy.’ However, after having been here for just over two weeks, visited 3 islands and several wineries, I can testify that this is no longer true.

My first insight into the reinvigoration of Greek Wine was at the London Wine Fair, where Wines of Greece had a fantastic stand, equipped with knowledgeable staff and presenting an array of unfamiliar varietals grown in Mediterranean weather and volcanic soils.

What’s really cool to see in the small villages, is that almost everyone has their own little vineyard – where they grow wine solely for their own consumption. Interestingly, most of the vineyards are untrellised, and the reason is that with such great heat, the vines are better off with a bushy canopy and being close to the ground. For the same reason, the vines are irrigated through subterranean capillary-feeds, so as to keep the roots digging deep – else they would die if too close to the baking hot ground.


Athens was at baking temperature this last week, and in my two times passing through – white wine was greatly called for, and I had the chance to sample the robolla varietal. I also had the chance to visit vineyards in Lesvos, Kefalonia and Corinth. Better than the vineyard visits were all the beaches. At current, I don’t have all my photos uploaded – but as soon as I’m back in civilization I’ll begin to share some of my stories with you, accompanied by photos.

Once again, thank you for all your encouragement and support! The Grape Thinking team values your readership and valuable feedback.

Also, if you’re thinking of taking leave in August, you should seriuosly look at getting yourself to Greece. Two weeks in the sun; crystal clear Aegean water; soft white pebble beaches; feta, olive oil and fresh baked bread at every meal and of course, an entire world of wine to discover. I’ll give any of you who may be keen a few tips in the days to come.

In the mean time, have a great weekend – and seek out some Greek wine to enjoy!

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