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I’ve just come back from my local wine merchant in search of mid priced great quality Languedoc-Roussillon for the not too daunting gauntlet of the May 16th Wine Blogger Wednesday, hosted this month by Weingolb. Though I have much hope for being able to choose and review a good Languedoc-Roussillon, what’s really getting me is the Is My Blog Burning advertised challenge for Khymos’ ‘They Go Really Well Together’ challenge of preparing a recipe which includes coffee, chocolate and garlic as ingredients, and I’ve spent a lot of time deliberating over the potential combinations.

A few years ago I thought chilli-chocolate cake was nuts, which is relatively passé considering Khymos’ madcap ‘molecular gastronomy‘ which finds unlikely partners in Snails and Beetroot; Banana and Parsley; Liver and Jasmine and my personal favourite, white chocolate and caviar. Is My Blog Burning perhaps offered the first medium to get bloggers to work independently on the same project, and thus is a true blog tapas, a celebration of finding unity in multiplicity.

Make a DishFor the task at hand, I feel at risk of being like Thomas Edison, saying he actually discovered 600 ways not to make a light-bulb, in my quest. The ingredients of coffee, chocolate and garlic represent a task a little less fatal than the famed chefs who cut blowfish perfectly so it is delicious and not deadly, because a ruined recipe of garlic, chocolate and coffee would not leave one the consolation prize of licking the bowl!

My approach is going to be to make take a tuna steak and pan sear it in garlic butter and serve it on a plate with wedges, and then to make a chocolate sauce with a bit of coffee in it, and pour the sauce over the tuna steak and potato wedges. Does that sound insane or what! Now the trick is to find the wine to go with that – any suggestions?

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