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Nature to the Grid: Urban Farming

Nature to the Grid: Urban Farming

This is a follow up on the theme I wrote a few posts for last year (see below for links). This one was sparked when I met with a friend of mine, Daron Joffe aka FarmerD, the other day in Berkeley. He’s a dynamic farmer developing sustainable environments. Gardens, farms, communities, and now urban farming projects. Urban gardens and farms are a strong contributor to the ‘greening’ of our cities. A functional aesthetic.

The essence of this movement lies in increasing the ease and convenience for people to grow their own food, and thus their own energy. This could be what drives the greater connectedness and expansion of consciousness that so many believe to be at the core of the sustainable revolution. Through the use of personal gardens or more practically, through the shared space in an urban garden or biotower.

It’s amazing work. Urban farming is literally bringing nature to the grid. Green roofs are already starting to gain traction as they have functional purposes, such as better thermoregulation for buildings and rainwater capture. Urban gardens are accelerating especially in sustainably minded cities like San Francisco, and the concept of biotowers is becoming more practical (click photo below). The room for architectural innovation with urban farms is seemingly endless.

Check out www.farmerd.com and his consulting practices. He is doing awesome things with school gardens and inspiring people to grow their own food. He’s also beginning some very interesting urban development projects. Stay tuned…

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