Must Have Wine (that we can’t get)


This blends a small portion of Cabernet Franc with Vertzami – creating something which is unlike anything you are likely to have experience taste wise. The has a deep concentration of color that I’ve come to expect from Greek Reds and it offers a unique profile of earth, pure cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg. The first time I had this was with rosemary and thyme spiced lamb with a side of fresh cut potatoes cooked in olive oil. Despite having to sit down for an hour after a meal and contemplating making an extra notch in my belt with a nail, it’s a meal I wont forget – and the Antonopoulos ‘Gherontoklima Rematias’ 2000 made for the perfect pairing. However, alas, once again you will have to go to Greece yourself as I’ve been unable to find it on WineZap.

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