Interior Decorating (and improving status) with wine

Apartment Therapy is one of the most updated and relevant sites I’ve encountered of late, and their blog-roll alone is enough to keep you informed. Now, insofar as adding finishing touches to one’s apartment – there’s nothing better than a well stocked wine rack. If you’re having guests or inviting a date – nothing is more impressive than being able to offer a drink to your visitors.

Like books, it’s always nice to have a book that can become a talking point. If you have a book-shelf, you’re hardly going to want to have it stocked full of ‘How to win friends and influence people’ or ‘Get Cool in 24 Steps’ or ‘Stop, don’t kill yourself.’ A good bookshelf is a great supplement to having a killer view – because like a music collection it says its a good window into who you are. The same goes for wine – in that you don’t want your fridge packed with Miller Light in the same way that you don’t want empty bottles of Little Penguin lined up on your fireplace like trophies. You don’t have to have your wine rack stocked with things that have to be laid down for years – and the market is full of perfectly respectable wines going for under $18. Once you get about 30 wines and a good rack, then the initial expense is over, because from there on you can just replace what you drink. Wine gets fun when you actually go out with the specific purpose of buying it – and what’s even better is that you don’t have to go out anymore – and you can get 30 decent wines from Gary V. for under $400 delivered to your door easily.

I promise you – if you’re dating, and you have someone round and your living area has an intelligently stocked book case and you have a wine rack that doesn’t have more than 1 critter – you’re half way there already.

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