Disabling Google Search Wiki

add  &hl=all   at the end of your query url.

For those of you out there who are Search Engine marketers, you may have been having some frustrations lately with the google search engine wiki.   Typically, I keep several browsers running at once so I can be logged in to multiple google accounts (personal, business, client, adwords, analytics, etc..etc..).. so having to log out to see natural results has been quite frustrating.

What I have found really frustrating is that every once in a while, a stray mouse click has a detrimental effect on the virgin google results that I am looking at by clicking on one of the google search wiki buttons, and “BAM” a result disappears to the bottom of the page.  This gets especially frustrating when I’m looking through the SERPS and I am not sure if the results I am looking at reflect those of the general population… or our clients.  While I’m excited to see google search wiki, and I expect that at some point it will effect google search rankings, the inability to disable it seems appalling for usability.

In a desperate search for an answer it was found that adding “&hl=all” (without the quotes) to the end of the URL of your google search will disable the search wiki during your browser session.  This means that if you close your browser and open it again, the custom google search engine wiki tool returns.

A pain in the ass to do this evertime you want to turn it off.. yes
Confusing as to why google doesn’t have a link to let you do this.. yes
A possibility this may do something in addition to turning off the wiki.. yes
A way to turn it back on without closing your browser… yes …”&hl=0″

I hope you find this helpful.  If you have any idea as to what other google options this may have an affect on, please let me know.

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