Dine with Pizza and Wine

humblepie-logo.gifThere’s no need for to ever be pretentious, ever. is about enjoyment, plain and simple. That’s why I like Slice, this guy is on a great and noble quest, finding the perfect slice, which is something that anyone whose ever spent time in New York can appreciate. New York isn’t Europe, people don’t just sit around at cafés all day and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. New Yorkers live on their feet. In my time in NYC I began to appreciate two things: Ray’s is not the best slice of pizza (just like Nathan’s Kanonkop Pinotage 2005aren’t good hotdogs) and there’s really no better lunch for a person about town than a slice. You don’t even need a plate, you can just eat it above your New York Times and get informed whilst curbing those hunger pangs. Slice has ingeniously done his own little map on Google’s MyMaps, and what makes me proud is to see my local joint, Nick’s Pizza, on it. By the way – a Nick’s Pizza Pepperoni Slice with a bit Kanonkop 2005 Pinotage ($14) is a killer combination (and you can get Kanonkop at the shop just up the road: it’s a neatly balanced equation, because the money you save on the food affords the little bit extra on the wine.)

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