Cycling Triple Crown

The first leg of the Commerce Bank triple crown of cycling (Lehigh Valley Classic) was today in Allentown, Pa so I took the afternoon off to go check it out. I had never been to a cycling race before and wasn’t expecting much, but it was surprisingly entertaining. Some of the best cyclists in the world were there, many of which cycle the Tour de France. It is a very type of because you only see them come by every 15-20 minutes or so (10 eight mile laps through the city), and then chat it up with your and family while waiting for the next pass. It was great to watch the cyclists push it out, their fitness was amazing. Very enjoyable , and when it came down to the wire, the crowd started going nuts and the commentators were going absolutely bonkers.

They were playing sick music too, and I found myself getting really fired up. I’ve been to nascar and indy events before and found them boring because there’s rarely a photo finish, but with cycling they say there’s almost always a close finish. In this one there were about 15 guys tight together at the end and they pumped it out, with a Ukranian pulling out the victory. Great inspiration for the and endurance of the human body. The second leg of the triple crown is in Redding and the 3rd leg in Philly on Sunday.

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