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Disabling Google Search Wiki

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

add  &hl=all   at the end of your query url.

For those of you out there who are Search Engine marketers, you may have been having some frustrations lately with the google search engine wiki.   Typically, I keep several browsers running at once so I can be logged in to multiple google accounts (personal, business, client, adwords, analytics, etc..etc..).. so having to log out to see natural results has been quite frustrating.

What I have found really frustrating is that every once in a while, a stray mouse click has a detrimental effect on the virgin google results that I am looking at by clicking on one of the google search wiki buttons, and “BAM” a result disappears to the bottom of the page.  This gets especially frustrating when I’m looking through the SERPS and I am not sure if the results I am looking at reflect those of the general population… or our clients.  While I’m excited to see google search wiki, and I expect that at some point it will effect google search rankings, the inability to disable it seems appalling for usability. (more…)

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Shopping Lists Made Easy

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I was trying to find a way to keep tracking of a shopping list for all of my grocery shopping, and stumbled upon this facebook page..   My girlfriend and I have been eating a lot of healthy foods, and I’ve found the need to have a list so I can remember things like “Organic Brown Rice Miso Paste” and “organic nutritional yeast”… which by the way taste much better than they sound!

I ended up using a couple of different services to try to manage our grocery grocery shopping lists, especially since prices are really varied and we have to shop at Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, and Trader Joes, depending upon which items we want to get…  FYI Trader Joes has the best prices on Raw Organic Crunchy Almond Butter ($5 vs. everyone elses $11).   I wasn’t happy with the functionality in many of the services, but found that List2Shop was a pretty good service, as they allow you to organize your shopping lists by the store that you want to shop.

You can easily create a shopping list and print without signing up, but if you create an account, you can save your lists, and if you have an iPhone, login to your account and view the list while you are in the store.  What type of shopping list services do you use, and why do you think it would be better than List2Shop?

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5 Reasons We Should Save The Environment

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I’m not going to give you the old, if we don’t save the , we’re just signing a death wish for our [great]* grandchildren. I’m just going to list out a couple of reasons I give people during conversations on why we should save the .. here they are:


  1. We would be keeping the bears happy…  I mean seriously.. look at this fellow.  He’s enjoying a little splash in the water without a care in the world.   If we don’t make an effort to save the environment, this is going to be a grumpy bear without any place to go other than your little league baseball bleachers or crashing your back yard.

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Open Request to Friendseat

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Friendseat Scraping ContentI have a concern I would like to discuss with you.

First.. Click Here.

You have built an RSS parser that takes the feeds from various blogs, takes the first paragraph of content, strips out the html, and places it on your site. On this page with the scraped content, you have placed nofollow links back to the bloggers site, and have placed adsense ads.

Long story short.. you’re making money off of bloggers content, and not even providing the value of a link back to their site. You have not asked permission to place this content on your site, and in some cases, you don’t even credit the blog (e.g. when the feed is through feedburner, you say provided by feedburner).

I do not have any problem with you using Grapethinking’s content on your site, and I am flattered that you would have our content placed there. I just ask in return that you remove the nofollow tags, and put the grapethinking logo on the page. It would also be nice if our site showed up in the blog search since you are scraping our content.

As you can tell in the link at the top of this post.. this isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this problem, and unfortunately, with many sites and their webmasters, ethics are not innate, and must be enforced. Please resolve this issue….. Thanks!

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Toasting Obama and the Future

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Beacons of Hope

In 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected president of my country, I remember an age of jubilation that was infused into children, adults and people from overseas alike. Backpackers would come to our country with Mandela t-shirts, and when we traveled abroad and told people we were South African we were somehow associated with a little bit of that Mandela magic and people were that little bit more welcoming. With Mandela in power, the dominant feeling was that no matter what happened – things were going to be okay.

In the past 8 years that formative optimism of the Mandela years had left me, and I found myself in the midst of a new generation of cynicism kicked off by the Clinton impeachment, followed by the stealing of the election in Gore v. Bush, and the subsequent anomalies of extraordinary rendition, water-boarding and the abomination that is Sarah Palin. When Gore released his movie, Inconvenient Truth, only then did the world realise what could have been – if only America had fought a little harder in 2000.

When I woke up on Wednesday the 6th of November, after 18 months of watching this election, I realised the enormity of what has happened. As I showered a feeling of relief washed over me and I knew that the page has been turned. (more…)

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