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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


Being involved in lifestyle marketing really has its perks. When GrapeThinking was in its infancy, and the only client was Tastevine.com, it was really easy to mix business and pleasure. As a group of Millennials passionate about promoting things that bring people together, we didn’t find it too demanding to to major cities and throw parties promoting particular wines, and of course, the Tastevine wine community.

As the “tech” guy, my traveling is not quite as adventurous as say Ruarri’s travels to Morroco, or Meghan’s trip Paris, but I do get a chance here and there, and I always try to make the best of it. Apparently, I’m starting a tradition of going to a / festival to complement my business trips. (more…)

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Music and Wine make the best of times

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Josh Rouse - photo from http://www.paulburt.co.uk/ The press release below was brought to our attention today, and with our love of and , we wanted to share. I’d also like to point out, that in reading Josh’s website , it appears he has done several things for charity, including a recent donation of a song to the WHY Foundation, founded by Harry Chapin. The foundation released an album “All-Star Charity CD SERVE2: FIGHTING HUNGER AND POVERTY”, featuring tracks from many great musicians, Bruce Springsteen, OAR, Citizen Cope, and Natasha Bedingfield just to name a few.

NEW YORK-November 28, 2007- Fresh from Spain, Josh Rouse comes back to delight fans and make some new ones with his latest release, Country Mouse, City House. His seventh proper full-length album on his imprint label Bedroom Classics (through Nettwerk Music Group) was released this past summer.

Following the release, Josh has partnered with Ménage à Trois wines in a new marketing venture. The promotion, which starts November 1st, will display a hang tag or tear pad with Josh Rouse information (tag line, URL, and code for downloads) on over 2 million bottles of Ménage à Trois wines, inviting them to download samplings of Josh’s music. Fans can also enter to win a to see Josh perform live at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The winning fan will receive all expenses paid to New York for two to see Josh’s on April 18, 2008 – plus receive $1,000 in spending money. Fans can find bottles of wine to purchase in major supermarkets. In addition to the sweepstakes, a free song preview off the new album is available at menageatroiswines.com. (more…)

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Estancia de Carodilla Malbec 2005

Friday, September 28th, 2007

willy-willy4.jpg is the Eva Peron of Argentinian varieties and its presence on a label has done much for the category of the premium production nation on the South American continent. Whilst Chile often delivers incredibly on value, packs in value with value added by diversity – especially in its ownership and complete creative license with the Malbec grape.

Insofar as Southern hemisphere sport is concerned – Argentina certainly holds its own on the Rugby field, but in the field of Malbec Argentina writes the rules.

The de Carodilla Malbec 2005 has a Medoc characteristic to it, with a rustic smokiness and distinct taste veins of strawberry and currents that course through the wine-dark juice. I’m reminded of the profile of certain Central Otago Pinot Noirs – except it delivers at a fraction of the price and much wider availability.

In an Argentinian wine-rugby club, anything with Malbec makes the side.

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Live Earth – and did you know that drinking wine can help decrease your carbon footprint?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

What a weekend. Wimbledon Tennis final (go Federer and welcome back Venus); the Tour de France starting for the first time ever in London and of course Live Earth all over the world. As for Greg and I, amidst it all we were rooting for our man Al Gore as he continues to launch his book ‘The Assault on Reason’ and spread the good word about the need to conscientiously and actively protect our environment. How he manages to remain so calm and composed in the face of such stubbornness and obstinacy is beyond me – but I really think that these ideas are beginning to take root, and as Gore says, if the Internet had been as powerful as it is today, 5 years ago, Bush wouldn’t be in power and America would have stayed in Afghanistan and not gone on to invade Iraq. But, as a consolation prize to all we reasonable beings – at least we live in interesting times.

Do you read www.treehugger.com – if not, I seriously recommend visiting it on a weekly basis. It’s packed with well informed and easily digestible factlets, and is a good way to not only keep informed – but to learn how to make a difference.


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Do you MOG?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

MOG is one of the newer communities to have arisen and it’s dedicated to and features profiles of musicians like Ben Gibbard. Unlike MySpace, which has become slightly commercialized and is used by every petty marketer to invite people to parties or sell cell-phones, MOG is strictly for music. What I like about the site is the ability to see as well as listen to what other people listen to; there’s a MOG-O-METER which reads all your most recently played iTunes tracks, and then it makes recommendations of what you should listen to. Better than that, you can actually listen to music on other people’s pages for free, without downloading it.

is a perfect example of how such brand innovation has stepped out of the music-only sphere and can be applied to . The formation of a community is exactly what the industry needs, people like talking, and so there are discussion boards, there’s information about any California winery you need, and one can even find emerging industry heavyweights such as Pinotblogger weighing in, which makes for a promising and powerful voice to be addressing this emerging wine community. Josh@pinotblogger.com has really opened up communication, with the recently launched Podcast and by going so far as to publish his cell-phone number on the blog, there’s no doubt that such graceful transparency is the future of wine marketing, especially for wines like Capozzi, and Stormhoek, and Vilafonte, which have all made unbelievable use of the online channel in building brands.

However, my feeling is that many California Wineries already enjoy a voice, and it’d be great if the conversation could be expanded and was between California and the world, rather than just California and California. Thinking about it this morning while reading The Pour where Asimov had quite recently spoken about various Natural wines, and linked through to a particular Rioja winery-site which enables you to do a cellar door tour, I couldn’t help but thinking that there’s a bigger picture here. Focusing on California when you have the entire world to talk about is to look too closely at the grapes when there’s an entire vineyard (to plagiarize seeing the wood through the trees.)

Grape Radio
had a fantastic Podcast a while back from a Pinot Symposium, and wine-makers from Peay Vineyards and around were all discussing Pinot Clones and Swan, which had been gotten from Burgundy. However, the same clones have also gone to South Africa, New Zealand and Oregon, and it would be much more interesting to hear a world symposium where top growers held a tasting and related experiences of the same clone in completely different continents, let alone terroir? In real life it would be expensive to organize, but if the discussion were held online, where winemakers could freely exchange comments on a single discussion board, not just wineries from California, but wineries from across the globe, much interest could be sparked and a lot could be gained.
Long term, it is not only an opportunity for foreign wines to get share of mouth in the US, but it’s also for Californian and US wines to get mind-share overseas. The best known Californian wine in the UK is Gallo, and if you want to find Frog’s Leap or anything from upstate New York you simply can’t, whilst you can find wine from Uruguay or quite easily in any London store.

Capozzi and Stormhoek, though from different countries entirely, have a lot to learn from one another, but at the moment there isn’t a platform to do it on. Grape Thinking, as many of you have guessed by now, will be that platform. In the coming months we’re going to launch an international wine community, where oenophiles will not only be able to affiliate themselves with global wineries, but they’ll be able to purchase the wine and it themselves. Israeli Wines, a particular passion of mine, amongst others, will be given a platform to not only market themselves on the same platform as Australia and New Zealand, but because its digital there will be no fights for shelf-space or case-displays. Grapethinking will be the ‘digital vine’ connecting global vineyards, winemakers, bloggers, restaurateurs and wine lovers into the first global digital cocktail party where wine, opinions and dreams can be shared.

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