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The Holiday Season

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

With the holidays approaching, Tastevine is getting back in action. We’ve been letting the site breath for the past 6 months, allowing it to gain traffic and start paying for itself. The holiday cheer is feeling good and we’re ready to pair some great and great for the full sensory experience.

One I’ve never had that I’m excited to try is wine andchristmas cookies. A nice cab with a spicy ginger cookie or a chilled with an iced sugar snap. Definitely would serve as a nice treat. Here’s a cool site that gives great christmas cookie recipes. Mom’s Who Think… you gotta love it. You’ll find every imaginable cookie recipe under the sun. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to pair different wines with different types of cookies instead of just having the boring ‘dessert wine’ category.

If you have a moment go through the recipes and make some cookies for your family this holiday season. I think I’m going to try out the German Chocolate Bars and pair it with a Dornfelder, an obscure but popular red grape from Germany. Looking for that inspiration to develop our own portfolio of delectable delicious Tastevine elixirs.

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Finally, came across a website that has big potential in the online space. Foodzie is bringing in specialty gourmet food producers and creating store fronts or hubs for them. Their design is beautiful and minimalist and the pictures make my mouth water ;). As they say, the point is to romance the food. As far as making money, Foodzie takes a cut off the transaction when food is bought.

I love the artisan producers that they’re working with too. Their alpha producers are Seth Ellis Chocalatier and Boulder Popcorn from Boulder, Co as well as The Dough Nut from Greensboro, NC and Teatulia Teas from Denver, Co.  Shows they see the movement building and how its coming out of these small producers that focus on quality, health, and offer at a reasonable price when connected to consumers through a portal like Foodzie. And with the aggregation strategy, Foodzie will gain great search rankings and bring attention to these small producers who would otherwise never be found.

Here’s Frank Gruber’s interview with the Foodzie team a few months ago at Tech Stars. They seem really sharp and balanced. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

Foodzie: Online Gourmet Food Marketplace from Frank Gruber on Vimeo.

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If It Ain’t Real, Spit Out Your Meal

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

If you are what you eat… what are you?   Yellow #5, Xanthum Gum, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Sorbic Acid??

We’ve been following the movement across the world, as consumers begin to understand the level of toxins, chemicals, pesticieds, preservatives, etc.. that are injected, grown, sprayed, or bred into the things we eat and drink.  In an effort to encourage  you to more closely scrutinize those items that you put in your body, we present “The Mouth Revolution” by Free Range Studios.. the same group that brought us, “The Story of Stuff”

Mouth Revolution hones in on the fact that we need to be more considerate of what we put into our bodies, and need to promote a culture of health within our communities.  By being more conscious of those items that are harmful.. The “Mouthifesto” or “Declaration of Indegestion” is a great starting point for understanding those items you should always avoid.   (more…)

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West Coast Green – How my life changed this week

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

West Coast Green conference

Wow, what an excellent conference! A game changer. I have to thank my friends over at Village Green Energy for hooking me up with a free pass. I’ve been so passionate this movement as long as I can remember… ever since 6th grade when I messed around with electromagenetic fields and plants. Early education for me was all ecology and , and that followed with rigorous economics in college, which I didn’t quite understand about myself until now. Having not gone into banking with my degree and now seeing the state of the economy I was like shit… but David Suzuki put it so clearly… it’s (eco)nomics. I can’t believe I never recognized that. I automatically associated economics with the greedy, short-sighted mentality of Wall Street that focuses solely on the bottom line and exploiting the market for cash and egoic status. Yet you realize the bottom line is not the statement of cash flows or the balance sheet… it’s the fuckin planet. Ecology + Economics = . This conference was absolutely buzzing! People were feeling alive and connecting and touching each other like I’ve never seen in my life. We all knew the green revolution is ready and about to change the world in a big way.


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2007 Mosel Riesling – Qualitatswein

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Seems to have more alcohol than their -Kabinet

Clear, clean, light pale-straw

Nose: candy, sherbert, fresh, lime-minerality, tinned-peaches, honey

A lot fuller – more dimension to it, broader on the entry, much fuller mouth feel, more bracing finish… would stand up to a lot better than the Riesling-Kabinet. A bit more graceful – certainly not as lively but certainly better rounded.

Serve with: shell-fish (scallops pan-seared in chilli-infused olive oil)

or – with Thai-green curries/ Chicken Korma with pineapple and coconut

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