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Ecolism: Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Innately as human beings, we desire 2 things whether consciously aware of it or not: to feel a connection to something greater than ourselves and to be able to benefit other people and the world around us. This is the essence of spirituality. If you can achieve these 2 things in life, you can cultivate true happiness and peace.

Life will always be a mystery, but can’t we agree the point is to be truly happy and free of suffering? And yet pondering this as an intellectual ideal or meditating on a mountain in Tibet for the rest of your life won’t cut it. We have to somehow feel it and incorporate it into the reality of our lives, which for good or bad largely centers around making money to provide a means to function in society. To many, money is perceived as the root of all evil and focusing on making a lot of it couldn’t possibly allow you to connect to something greater than yourself or benefit other people. It’s too competitive and you have to focus only on yourself or else you’ll be exploited by those that do.

But what if this is all wrong? What if focusing on spiritual growth, connecting to the force that powers you beyond your ego, and cultivating a sense of importance in benefiting other people, will actually give you an edge? What if the world is going through a dramatic shift from a linear system to a cyclical system, a renewable system, where a more, more, me, me mentality will lose, and a holistic, spiritual mentality will win? What will help traditional capitalism transcend into a new form of governance we like to call ?


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Lifecycle of Democracy

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Supposedly, nothing great lasts forever. The best democracies in history, Athens and Rome being two of the most successful, eventually came to an end. The United States may be the greatest civilization to date, but could it be possible that we’re reaching our end as well? Or are we reaching a threshold of transcendence into a new form of government?


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Terracycle Pioneers Eco-Capitalism

Monday, October 13th, 2008

These guys are “growing a better world” and in essence pioneering . I’m convinced this is going to sweep the nation and the world and become the new evolved form of economics and governance. Terracycle collects and buys all types of waste products that would otherwise go into a landfill, and then upcycles these resources into new products that can be reintroduced into the marketplace and sold for a profit. It’s so simple, and yet the way it should be. No more landfills, no more waste, no more garbage… no more linear supply chain. Create a renewable world! This is what the movement of our times is all about. You gotta love the current crash… beyond the short term pain, it’s going to give us the much needed humility and clarity that we so desparately need to become enlightened to the harmony that exists between man and nature.


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