Recommendation – Cabernet Sauvignon / Chardonnay

If you know any friends who are interested in and would like to recieve these messages tell them to request to join the Tastevine facebook group. Hosted two wine tastings in Charlotte this weekend, good wine and great company. If you are interested in hosting one, give me a shout.

Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon is a reasonably priced CabSav available at most supermarket chains in your area. A full bodied red wine with hints of smoke and dried earthy fruits. Great with a steak.

Sticks 2004 Chardonnay has been brought to my attention as a wine that has no definition. A chardonnay without the buttery richness associated with chard, this wine is crisp and fruity, great for the summer. Reasonably priced but a bit hard to find, ask local wine store owners if he can order it for you.

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