wolftrap.jpgMike, one of my best friends, is the nephew of the proprietor of these fine wines, and a few years back, for his 21st had a few boxes of Wolftrap and Porcupine Ridge ceded to the household to aid the celebrations. However, the generosity of the delivery over-shot our consumption ability, leaving Mike’s house and guests with the fortunate dilemma of having a lot of to get through. It was a week of laughter, conversation and general merriment throughout the house and kitchen as we drank like poets and conversed with wit and humoursess observation. At the time, being students we couldn’t afford anything too fancy and were accustomed to mouth-puckering, tannic and bitter reds, and by comparison, Boekenhoutskloof was like drinking red silk. The cracks the code of the Rhone, with gamey characteristics, like biltong cured with red pepper-corns and spice. The makes a statement of power and grandeur, I’ve always thought that if Cab is the King of Red, then Shiraz is its prince. Boekenhoutskloof Wolf Trap has impeccable consistency from year to year since I first tasted it in 2002, and is a testament to the influence and ability of a passionate winemaker to produce inspiring reds. I’d chose this over any Northern Rhone any day of the week.

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