Amateur Gourmet

I was disappointed that one of my preferred blogs, Amateur Gourmet was not included in the James Beard Nominees for writing. Much like Dr. Vino, Amateur Gourmet writes so consistently well, and serves up an eclectic dish of restaurant recommendations complete with photographs of the meal, personal anecdotes, literary references and a recommended selection of cookbooks for the enthusiast to get stuck in to. To my mind there’s really no question, one of his blogs last month is inspiring myself and Greg to go down to the Slanted Door restaurant tonight, which will be a welcome treat before going off to Wine 2.0 tomorrow evening.

Amateur Gourmet’s photographs take a brilliant angle by showing readers photographs of dishes and getting the readers to comment. Needless to say it’s a rather cruel exercise, because just looking at the photographs prompts drooling. But you’ll notice the level of participation amongst readers, one feels that Amateur Gourmet embraces its readership and plays to an audience creating a gourmet form of media. Grape Thinking salutes the Amateur Gourmet. At least we’ll be able to taste the food in person tonight.

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