2005 Bordeaux, Living Up To Its Reputation

05-bordeaux.bmpThe 2005 Bordeaux reviews have not been unkind to the region. And with that said I decided I wanted to find out what everyone is talking about. I choose a from Graves, Albert Duran, 2005, Chateau Beauregard Ducasse. With Graves’ dignified reputation, and eloquence about it, it seemed like a good way to start. I wouldn’t say that 2005 is a year of extra outrageous , but I would say that it does bring together. I certainly have tasted the same quality in a table at a café in . It has an easy drinking-ness around it that makes you want to open a bottle with friends and just chill out. I would say that this is a conversation wine, not for the fact that you will be discussing the wine, but you will be talking amongst yourselves and indulging in each others banter. This wine makes me want to call up a friend and chat. I just might, actually.

This Bordeaux in particular has predominant Merlot character to it. The jamminess of it takes over, with subtle tannins and a body leaning between medium and full. But the Cabernet Sauvignon comes through on the end. For what I’m about to say, French winemakers everywhere are probably planning their attack on me, but this wine actually reminds me of a wine from the Santa Ynez Valley, California, Three Saints Merlot. Three Saints has 96% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc to it, but because of this 4% Cabernet Franc added, this Merlot drinks more like a Cabernet Sauvignon.

The French take pride in their regions, so they don’t display on the bottles what the percentage, or for that matter what grapes are present. The downfall of this is that you don’t know what you are drinking, unless you have a good deal of knowledge of the region and it’s different characteristics. Or there is the other alternative, you may be a wine geek such as I am and you read many wine books and articles for the mere fun of it all. To the natural wine consumer it becomes more of a guessing game. I could easily be mistaken by saying that Cab. Sauv. is present when actually it may be Cab. Franc. Both are present in this region. And on steps the confusion.

There is a slight smoke on the end, which becomes more apparent after leaving it to breathe for a bit, that reminds me of a South African Pinotage. It’s not as full force as a Pinotage, but the qualities are there. Which this one isn’t too much of a stretch since the more popular grapes of the wine world in South Africa originally came from .

With all this said, am definitely interested to see what else 2005 has to offer. Now if you would excuse me I have a phone call to make.


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